Sometime the next month or two I’ll be adding photographs that I have taken and that I will take over the next month while visiting Lake Tahoe, CA. Not all the photographs will be posted, like blurred or otherwise out of focus or blown out photographs.

I haven’t posted photo’s yet cause I haven’t downloaded them to my computer yet and, I want to edit, sort them first before posting them here. I will, also, post them at Flickr and at 500px – links will come later.

Note: I will edit this post at some point.


Flickr and Yahoo Photos

This last Wensday I went to Yahoo Photos and finaly able to transfering all of my photos from there to flickr which I wanted to do for a while now. I read at about how Yahoo finaly let its users to move their pictures and the majority of their stuff to other services. One things that I’ve discovered after having all of pictures moved to flickr is that I was able to 3 free months of their “pro” service to me its nice because I was thinking of upgrading to flickr pro for a while now. Now I’m able to take a test drive of their pro service for 3 months to see if I like it and may want to keep it, then I may renew it in the fall.

Now, the only problem for me is to upload the pictures that I recently took a few weeks back in May. Though one thing I would like to do is to intergrate my flickr photograhps into a website that I have else where – which hopefully I’ll be working on this summer.

Bye for now…