One thing…

I have noticed recently at various places, which I won’t name here, have, to a point, high-turnover in employment of people. Its unbelievable what the turnover is like at several places here in Fairbanks (AK). Granted I could see where some people are coming from and the like. However, its not to much to say… Read More One thing…

Sin City

I finally got around to seeing a movie at the local cineplex, haven’t been to movie at the theater say like in a good six months to 1 yr. The that I was able to see and get into on a late Thursday night was SinCity with Bruce Willis. Its one of those movies where… Read More Sin City

blogging bans

I’ve read a story on The Blog Herald website/blog that Iowa schools has joined in the banning of blogs. Read on if you like. I just wonder if this is going to be a trend in all public schools across the country. It would be interesting to find out over the next several years, that… Read More blogging bans

Macromedia & Adobe

I recently read that Adobe is buying out Macromedia for US$ 3.4Billion in a stock deal. Its seems that the only really good products that Adobe have are Photoshop, InDesign, and Acrobat. Their other products are O.K. and all but it just seems that this ‘merger’ or ‘buy out’ just seems wrong to me. Don’t… Read More Macromedia & Adobe

fyi about blogs…

I was just reading a news article on BBC’s website about blogs delivering “malicious software” as quoted in this article. read on if you like… laters peter

Interesting stories…..

There have been several articles and or stories that I’ve found at various site thru feeds that I have setup at Anyway, the articles that I’ve relate to blogging to Science, Technology, and to teaching, plus many other interesting article that I found worthy to comment on. Also, some of these stories are from… Read More Interesting stories…..

An article about MySql

This article on Yahoo! News caught my attention, in part because I took Chris’s class fall. Plus, anything that’s stable, open source, free, and if its been around for a long time is a good thing for people. Laters peter