A cautionary article

I was just reading this story about how hackers and thieves will try to get information from you. In this article it talks about how hackers, and company are finding new ways to get information. just thought of passing it on. laters

new blog software on the field

Now there is another host your own blogging software out for people to use. The blogging software is called Typo. I found about it through this story and it had a catchy title – sort of. laters all

Lego’s or Linux

The first story that I found is about the Linux founder Linus Torvalds going about and making a very small part of Linux closed-source or other wise know as proprietary software. To read more please follow this link. Another interesting that I found was about Lego’s, which I use to play when I was younger… Read More Lego’s or Linux

about more postings….

There’s going to be 1 or 2 medium link type posts that I’ll be making to this blog over the course of any giving week, with links to weird or sad type stories. I’ll also found some interesting articles about blogging in various forms and such. stay tuned…. laters all peter