Ducks Paddling

Here is a 25 second video of ducks paddling on Fallen Leaf Lake and it was during the evening/sunset hours one September day. There might be another video or two that I may post at some point – just don’t know when I would.

Sorting Photographs

Hopefully during the next two weeks I would be sorting and possibly adding some photographs that I’ve taken the last two years on to this blog. I know in the past I would post photos and don’t and I’m planning to now. I doubt that I would be able to upload all the photo’s that … Continue reading Sorting Photographs

What I learned about life after photographing people preparing to die

Originally posted on Quartz:
Two years ago, Andrew George set out to prove there can be beauty—power, even—when we accept our own transience, our own mortality. Long drawn to what he calls the “accidental collaborations of mundane things,” the Los Angeles-based photographer started looking for a hospice where he might be able to learn from and photograph people in…

Santa Fe Railroad’s La Grande Station

Originally posted on Framework:
The Moorish-style La Grande Station opened July 29, 1893, at 2nd Street and Santa Fe Avenue. In addition to the exotic architecture, La Grande Station featured lush gardens and later, a Harvey House restaurant. In the 1920s, summer discount tickets by all railroads brought a major influx of tourists to Los…

Store links

I’ve added some store links to the site on this page and on at It’s a way to help monetize this site in some fashion. The specific items that are on the online store are books on Alaska and photography type stuff. At some point I would be adding stuff to this site and … Continue reading Store links