What I learned about life after photographing people preparing to die

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Two years ago, Andrew George set out to prove there can be beauty—power, even—when we accept our own transience, our own mortality.

Long drawn to what he calls the “accidental collaborations of mundane things,” the Los Angeles-based photographer started looking for a hospice where he might be able to learn from and photograph people in palliative care. Finally, Dr. Marwa Kilani at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in Los Angeles agreed to give him access.

“Defying convention and the option of being a victim, the men and women in this project chose to turn around their lives in ways they had to figure out on their own, often without the help of anyone,” he told Quartz. “I admire the fortitude in that. They all, in varying degrees, have faced issues we all do or, eventually, will. However, they won’t be mentioned in history books for having done anything remarkable. Yet, the courage and grace to…

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Santa Fe Railroad’s La Grande Station

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The Moorish-style La Grande Station opened July 29, 1893, at 2nd Street and Santa Fe Avenue. In addition to the exotic architecture, La Grande Station featured lush gardens and later, a Harvey House restaurant.

In the 1920s, summer discount tickets by all railroads brought a major influx of tourists to Los Angeles. During the 1924 influx, the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Le Grande station was featured in a May 19, 1924, Los Angeles Times story:

Wide-eyed and wondering, the vanguard of the great army of summer tourists that will make their way across the plains of the Middle West and over the Rockies for the next few months, arrived in Los Angeles yesterday.

Beginning at 7:30 o’clock yesterday morning the three great trans-continental railroads into Los Angeles began pouring tourists into the city by the trainload. The climax to the day’s influx came early in the afternoon when the…

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Would like to make an App

One thing that I want to do is to develop an iPhone App, the only thing is that I don’t what kind of App that I want to develop. Though, I could make an app for the sake of making one.

This is one of those times where I want to do something, so I can learn how to do something, but at the sometime I don’t have enough reason to start something – yet.

If I do develop an App I may post something, but doing something like this in not a priority at this time.

A Field of Sage

Here is some photo’s of a Sage field that is located on Fallen Leaf Road that is outside of South Lake Tahoe, CA., off of Route 89. This sage field is result of an controlled fire that happened about 6 to 8 years ago (not sure exactly when that controlled fire happened).

These photo’s were taken with my iPhone 5c on 13 November 2014. There might be a few that are blurry photos when I took them in the last 30 to 45 minutes of daylight of stated date.

Hope all of you would enjoy some photo’s until I get some more up on this site.

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Ducks on Fallen Leaf Lake

Here is a wide-angle shot of two ducks that I saw swimming towards the north end of Fallen Leaf Lake one evening. These two photos I took with an iPhone 5s.

This was taken one evening at Fallen Leaf Lake, South Lake Tahoe, CA..

This was taken one evening at Fallen Leaf Lake, South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Here is a close up of the same pair of Ducks as above on Fallen Leaf Lake.

This was taken one evening at Fallen Leaf Lake, South Lake Tahoe, CA..

This was taken one evening at Fallen Leaf Lake, South Lake Tahoe, CA..

‘Bay Lights’ Organization Needs To Raise $4M To Keep Art Project Illuminated Over San Francisco Bay

Originally posted on CBS San Francisco:

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — The organization that created a nightly light show illuminating the Bay Bridge said Thursday it needs to raise $4 million by the end of the year to make the public art project permanent.

The lights are scheduled to be removed from the bridge in March 2015 so that Caltrans can perform maintenance on the cables, said Ben Davis, founder, president and CEO of Illuminate the Arts (ITA), a non-profit organization that formed with the sole purpose of creating the Bay Bridge light display.

After two years of fighting regulators uncertain of how to issue permits for a public art project of that magnitude and overcoming technical planning challenges, the lights flickered to life on March 5, 2013.

The public reaction was overwhelming, Davis said, and the constantly changing light display has since become known as “one of the leading public arts project in the world.”

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$4 Million Homes Being Built In Pacifica Has Some Residents Concerned About Changing Character

Originally posted on CBS San Francisco:

PACIFICA (KPIX 5) — It’s not unusual to hear about new million dollar homes being built in the Bay Area. But the building of 10 homes with a starting price above $4 million is causing a stir among residents worried it could change the community’s character.

Sandy beaches and eclectic shops make Pacifica among the Bay Area’s hidden gems, which most people here don’t mind.

“I love the weather. It’s perfect. I mean, it’s foggy. Don’t anybody else move here,” said Chris Sims of Pacifica.

Average house here costs in the high $600,000s, average for the Bay Area. Some homes planned here are about to change that.

“Only 15 minutes from downtown San Francisco, 15 minutes from the airport, 35 minutes from Silicon Valley,” said Realtor Neal Schwartz.

The realtor is a bit generous with those driving times, but the multimillion dollar homes going up on Fassler Road should be…

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It’s been quiet Lately…

Hello All…

I’ve been offline for a bit now and will continue to be offline for some time … at least for the next month. At least in regards to new posts, gallery pages, and so forth. I’ve stayed near South Lake Tahoe, CA for about a month and during the next month or so I would not be posting that much or if at all.

I may re-blog a post or something from another site that I might find interesting.


Five Villains Who Won

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All of us who have ever; seen a movie or read a book or anything of the sort in our lives; know the archetype by now. The villain of the sotry commits some kind of heinous act, forcing the hero to step up and stop the baddie ensuring that everyone lives happily ever after. But sometimes, rarely, the villain of the story is the one who comes out on top. BE WARNED SPOILERS ARE AHEAD.


Stanley Kowalski (A Streetcar Named Desire): Legendary playwright, Tennessee Williams cemented his status in theater history by developing complex characters allowing his audiences to become invested in the realistic people he brought to life before them. In one of his acclaimed plays he introduced audiences to the narcissistic, aggressive, domineering misogynist, Stanley Kowalski. A Streetcar Named Desire follows the instant feud which arises when, Kowalski is forced to deal with his free…

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Help my Disabled Brother

Hello all

I’m asking for a little help for my disabled brother who has diabetes and has a prosthetic leg. The help I’m asking for is to help fix his car that he needs to get to his prosthesis and to see his diabetic doctors.

He has been using rent money to pay for taxi’s to and from his doctor’s and by doing that he has been evicted from his apartment, so now he is homeless too.

If you are able to help him or us to get his car fixed and here is a way to help him by donating at: Go Fund Me. There’s more details on the Go Fund Me page.

There is obligation on your part – meaning you the followers to help. This would be one of the rare times I would be asking for any kind of help in raising funds.

Thanks for any help that might be able to give him.


P.S. This post will be cross-posted with two other sites at bhchinooks.com and at psmithoregon.worpdpress.com.